How to activate 2FA?

  • To enable 2FA (2 factor authentication), you will need to access your account. On the homepage, go to the "My Profile" option that can be accessed by clicking on the top of your image in the upper right corner.


  • After clicking "My Profile", the account management screen will appear on the left side, where you have the `Security` option.
  • Then click the `Security` option to access the security area of ​​your account.


  • When you click on security, the security management portion of your account will appear. Read all information to the right of the screen.


  • Change the E-mail option to 2FA Authenticator.

After changing, no more e-mail Tokens, just the 2FA Tokens.

  • After changing the option, a flip with a QR code and a secret key will appear


  • Use the authenticator of your choice (we recommend Google Authenticator) to read the QR Code or enter the Secret Key manually.
  • Once you have the code generated by the QR Code, fill in the first tab and click `Save security settings`.

If it did not work, do not worry, some customers actually have a problem with this authentication.