How to activate 2FA?

To enable 2FA (2-factor authentication), you will need to access your account and go to the "Profile" option if you are in the system options screen like this:
Or you can click "Settings" in the upper right corner if you are on the main screen of the system:
After clicking one of the above options, the account management screen will appear, where you have the option 2-Factor authentication.
You can enable 2FA through your Smartphone or you can use your web Browser.
2FA set on Smartphone
We strongly recommend that before performing the procedure, take a print of the screen with the code (similar to this image below), thus performing a backup of the encrypted code and QR code in case of any problems.
To continue with the configuration, if you are already connected with your smartphone and do not have any software to perform the configuration, simply click on the link to the left of the image above.
1. Google Authenticator for IOS. Click here
2. Google Authenticator for Android. Click here
We recommend this software to manage your keys, but you can use any other similar one.
Now with the Installed software, just make the configuration and click the "+" option there in google authenticator enter an identification for the new key and then can read the code or type it, just copy the "Text Encrypted" (field 3) of the image above and paste it into your google authenticator.
Once this is done, google authenticator will generate a password. Then you enter it in the "Password in Authenticator" (field 4) and you're done, your 2FA will be configured.
This password does not need to be saved, a new one will be generated every 30 seconds and whenever you do something like deposits and withdrawals in the system, it will be requested.
2FA set in Google Chrome browser
  Search if the extension already exists in your browser by following the steps below:
 1. Access the settings by clicking the button below.
2. Then click More Tools >> Extensions. You will open a new Chrome tab with the following link chrome: chrome://extensions NOTE: If you can not follow the steps above, just open a new tab and paste the link.
Search for the word "Authenticator".
If you have not installed it, the message
1. To install, type in the Chrome Search tab: 
2. Find for authenticator
3. Click "ADD TO CHROME"
When you click on "ADD TO CHROME", a popup ill apper, then you click "Add Extension".
 After clicking "Add extension" in the upper right corner of the browser, the following icon will appear:
  At this point you have completed the installation of the required extension.
  To configure it, go back to the "My Account" screen
  2-Factor Authentication and click "Enable". It will open a screen with the QR code.
  Copy the value that appears in the "Encrypted Text" field, click the QR code icon that appears in the upper right corner, as shown:
After clicking the second icon, represented by the "Pencil", click the "+", then click "Manual Entry". Enter your "Account name", (it is not necessary to be the same as the RC, it is just an ID), in the "Secret" field, paste the value that was copied from the "Encrypted Text" and ready, you can click "OK".
  From this point, you have already installed the extension and configured it.
  This extension generates a temporary password every 30 seconds, then click the browser's QR code icon, copy the generated password
  Paste this password generated by the Authenticator into the "Password on the Authenticator" field and click "Enable."
  Ready!! Once activated, just copy the password that the authenticator generates randomly whenever you need it. You will receive this notification via email about activation.