How can I protect my account?

Each time a connection is made through your Cointrade account, an informational email will be sent. We encourage you to sign up for this email on your Smartphone and turn on email receiving notifications. This way, every time you or someone connects to your account, you'll receive the notification almost in "real time." Example of the login information email:



We recommend that you enable the security feature called 2FA or 2 Factor Authentication. Your safety is very important to us. Please make sure that you have enabled it, in addition to protecting your account, you will need this step configured to take action on the system.

How to configure 2FA? Click here  


Do not give your password to anyone or send it to any third party in any kind of message. The only person who needs your password is yourself - a member of Cointrade Support will never ask for it.

Cointrade guides its customers and users to keep their passwords always safe and up to date. We advise customers to continually Reset password.